new frontiers

I was really taken back by these interstellar double-exposures snapped by the ever brilliant Sunday Misfits. Their subjects are Auckland's @Peace, who held a screening at Auckland Stardome Observatory & Planetarium recently for their new album release. I'm gutted to have missed out on what sounds like an exciting and mind-blowing experience, for local music and otherwise, but reading the Misfits' account of how it went down lovingly paints a clear picture. Thanks ladies

"El Truento’s production is something sort of like it would sound like just before a big bang or right after.  I don’t know how to describe it but his experimentation is bold.   Whenever I would get lost in these new sounds, I could always hear Brandon coming through with the keys or the drums.. he would always play just enough to bring me back to earth.  Layers of melodies and verses was like a trip too, like you were curated through their thought patterns."

Quoted words and polaroids by Sunday Misfits, see here


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